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Modular Room Dividers Online: Easily and Quickly Separate Spaces

Discover our innovative room dividers that not only separate spaces but also impress with their design and style. Our modular partitions offer flexible solutions for designing your home and other areas such as offices, events, film sets, museums, or retail stores. Whether you're looking for a straightforward partition or an organically shaped room divider, Movisi's modular room divider systems allow you to design your spaces exactly as you envision.

Modular Furniture Made in Germany: Quality and Aesthetics

Our room dividers are 100% made in Germany, the result of advanced technology and high-quality materials. They are crafted with care and expertise, ensuring our furniture is not only functional but also embodies a timeless aesthetic that enhances your space and gives it a unique character.

Versatility of Room Dividers: Adaptable and Multi-functional

Do you have specific requirements for your room divider? No problem! Our flexible room dividers adapt in shape, length, and height to fit any space—be it a small apartment, a large loft, a busy office, or an exhibition. With our modular room dividers, you can divide, design, and optimally use both small and large spaces according to your needs.

Inspiring Room Design Ideas with Flexible Room Divider Screens

Find inspiring posts and ideas for room design with our room dividers. Get inspired by our home and office interior design ideas and discover new ways to design your living and working spaces just as you envision them.

Room Divider Online Shop with Fast Delivery

Order your room divider easily online in our furniture shop and enjoy fast delivery straight to your home. Our online shop also features creative online configurators, allowing you to create your new room divider creatively and effortlessly.

Application Areas for Our Flexible Room Dividers for Living Areas, Offices, Bars, Cafés, Trade Shows, and Events

Versatile Uses for Room Dividers in Living Spaces
Create your own reading area in the living room with a room divider. Use freestanding room dividers to separate the dining area from the living room or kitchen. Set up a privacy screen in the hallway for additional privacy. Your creativity knows no bounds!

Effective Home Office Design with Room Dividers
Create a productive work environment at home by setting up a personal workspace with freestanding room dividers. Clearly separate the work area from the rest of the living space to minimize distractions and boost concentration. Movisi room dividers can also be used to create spaces for video conferences or Zoom meetings in your home office, facilitating effective collaboration. Simultaneously, you can establish a professional atmosphere with a tidy Zoom background. Modular room dividers allow you to flexibly adapt to your work situation while creating a pleasant and functional workspace. Additionally, improved room acoustics can be achieved with the use of LINK filler plates.

Structuring Offices and Workspaces with Freestanding Partitions and Screens
With our modular room dividers, you can structure offices and subdivide workspaces to ensure employee privacy. Lobbies and reception areas can be stylishly separated and personalized thanks to flexible design options.

Cozy Ambience in Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés
Our room dividers create cozy niches or enable flexible room layouts for private events in cafés and bars.

Organizational Space Layout for Trade Shows, Museums, Events, and Exhibitions
Freestanding room dividers can organize event areas and exhibition spaces, guiding visitor flows. At events and exhibitions, room divider systems help to flexibly adapt spaces and organize various areas, whether for exhibitions, lectures, or networking spaces.

Room Dividers for Special Application Areas
Our room dividers are not only suitable for living spaces, offices, and events but also for a variety of special applications. From yoga studios that want to create a calm atmosphere to therapy practices that need discreet partitions—our room dividers offer flexible solutions for any environment.

Experience the Flexibility and Sustainability of Movisi's Room Dividers

Our room dividers are extremely user-friendly and can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled without tools, special knowledge, or skilled labor. This saves our customers time and money, as no additional labor needs to be hired.

Additionally, using our room dividers generates no waste, which is especially advantageous at trade shows or events. This sustainable approach allows our customers to reduce costs in the long term while acting environmentally conscious.

Another advantage of our flexible room divider system is the ease with which the modules can be transported between different locations, whether from the office to the trade show or back. This allows efficient use of resources and contributes to the flexibility of our customers.

Expert Advice for Your Room Design

Our experienced team is always available to help you choose the right room divider. We are happy to offer personal advice and assist you in finding the perfect furniture piece for your needs.

Satisfied Customers and Experience

We place great value on customer satisfaction and are proud to offer first-class service. From selecting the right room divider to delivery, we are there to help and ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Start Creating Your Room Design with Modular Room Dividers

Ready to redesign your living and working spaces? Start your room design with our modular room divider systems today. Get inspired by our room divider ideas and transform your spaces into functional havens.

Room Divider and Shelf Ideas

Get inspired by our online furniture shop's living worlds and stylish room design ideas. Discover how our room dividers can help make your living and office dreams come true.

Planted Room Dividers as Green Oasis for Well-being and Productivity in Offices

Room dividers with plants offer functional separation and bring nature into your home or office. Integrating plants into room dividers improves aesthetics and positively influences the room climate. Plants provide freshness, improve air quality, and create a calming atmosphere. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to implement creative and individual design concepts by adding color, texture, and dynamics to the space. With freestanding room dividers combined with plants, you can effectively segment your spaces while creating a green oasis that enhances well-being and productivity.

For those who don't have the time or desire to care for real plants but still want a room divider plant wall, artificial plants are an attractive alternative. With their lifelike details and low-maintenance nature, artificial plants give room dividers a natural and appealing look without requiring regular care. These lifelike artworks can be combined with our room dividers to create the same atmosphere of greenery and freshness without needing watering or sunlight. This way, you can design your spaces with minimal effort and maximum impact. Use our room dividers with plant walls to enliven and beautify your space. Our modern freestanding room dividers for planting offer endless room design possibilities. Discover our room divider ideas with plants on our website.

Flexible Room Dividers That Consider Your Budget

Our modular room dividers not only offer versatile design options but also fit your budget. By allowing you to expand and extend your room divider over time, you can adjust it to changing needs. This way, you get the flexibility to optimize and expand your room design step by step without straining your budget.

Why Our Room Dividers Are Better Than Standard Room Divider Solutions 

Unlike conventional room dividers and screens, our room dividers offer unique advantages. They are tool-free and thus incredibly easy to assemble—even for those unfamiliar with furniture assembly. Thanks to their freestanding design, they can be easily placed in any room without needing to be attached to walls or ceilings. Moreover, our room dividers are lightweight yet stable, making it easy to rearrange and adapt them to different room configurations. Their flexibility allows you to redesign your living spaces as you wish, without dealing with complicated assembly instructions or heavy furniture.

Sustainable Furniture Without Harmful Substances - Manufactured in Germany

Movisi's room dividers and shelving systems are lightweight, stable, 100% recyclable, and emission-free.

We place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness. Therefore, we use only non-toxic materials for our room dividers and shelves and ensure resource-efficient production in their manufacture. 
Our modular furniture is 100% made in Germany, which not only stands for quality and fair working conditions but also contributes to the regional economy and environmental protection. 
Our room dividers and shelves are made from ARPRO EPP, a sustainable technical foam with outstanding environmental properties. EPP consists of up to 95% air and contributes to resource conservation by using only about 5% PP (Polypropylene) plastic.

By reducing the weight and high stability, we significantly reduce packaging material consumption and transport energy expenditure. With our EPP furniture, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for your living and working spaces.