Installation & Setup

Installation and set-up of furniture - it’s simple
Movisi furniture is very easy to install.  No sweating, no instructions and no tools - we promise! Assembly requires no tools or special expertise and is quickly done, by anyone at any age. No instructions, tools or expertise are required to install Movisi furniture. This way you can save labour time and thus reduces your costs.

It can't be easier. BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere. No instructions, no special know-how and no tools are needed. BUILD is supplied with special clips. Use them to hold the shelves in place or mount them on the wall (in this case you will need to drill a hole and use a screwdriver to fix the clips) by using the supplied clips. In this case, you will need to screw the clip into the wall.

The sofa sections are just pressed into each other - no screws or adhesives required. It's quick and easy. 

is a self-adjusting designer shelving system which expands and contracts to fill even the most awkward of gaps. The unique wedge-shaped units with corrugated edges cleverly interlock to fill niches or spaces between columns. Don't worry about exact dimensions, as MAKE/SHIFT can always adjust to fit.
If no opposing wall is available, then MAKE/SHIFT works equally as well as a freestanding unit. MAKE/SHIFT comes with the second generation transparent clips that can be used to create freestanding assemblies. You can of course also use the clips on the back side of the shelves, so they remain totally invisible.

TICK TABLE – leg system
TICK is a universal table leg system which can be fastened to various tops and materials. 
A bent metal structure similar to an oversized paper clip can be attached to any board turning it into a unique table with no screws or tools required.